Ergonomic Standing Block Piece for Athletics 3D and Sanseigne stock.


Designed by Franziska Preuss (Size M)Emilien Jacquelin (Size L) and Johannes Boe (Size L). Increase the stability of the shooting.

Used by top athletes since 2020, the shape has been designed by #TeamA3D athletes and Athletics 3D engineers for reaching more stability than the standard block. Easy to adapt on Athletics 3D and Sanseigne rifle stock by unscrewing the original metallic piece and install it on your rifle stock.

Ready to be built for "Right Hand" (Right eye director like Emilien Jacquelin and Johannes Boe) and "Left Hand" (Left eye director)).

If you haven't an Athletics 3D or Sanseigne stock system, please contact us by email for sending us your stock. Our team is equipped to install the up & down mechanism at our manufactury:

Tir Debout / Standing piece

785,00 €Prix